‘Heart Songs & Circle Songs’ is a sheet music collection of 37 chants, rounds, and songs of peace, empowerment, wonder, joy, and community from singer-songwriters Heather Pierson and Bernice Martin. The songs are intended for community sing groups, hospice choirs, churches, schools, and anywhere that the ideals of harmony and unity may take hold. This collection includes songs from Heather’s deep catalog of CD releases as well as 20 brand new songs from both Pierson and Martin, most notably, Pierson’s two honorable mentions in the Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network’s 2018 Silliman Congregational Song Competition, ‘I Am Finding My Way Back To Now’ and ‘What I Need.’ This collection of 20 new songs is available on the companion ‘Heart Songs & Circle Songs’ CD. Both are available for purchase at www.heatherpierson.com/store.

Listen here:

‘Heart Songs & Circle Songs’ is also more than a songbook and CD. It is an ongoing interactive project to bring those ideals of harmony and community into the world. In worship service, workshop, or concert format, Heather and Bernice are available to bring this work into churches, schools, homes, and community centers. A preview of this work can be found here:

Heather Pierson is a pianist, singer-songwriter, and performer who frequently tours throughout the United States both as a solo artist and with her acoustic trio. She has released eleven CDs of her original music, ranging in style from folk to jazz to vocal chants. From 2003 to 2019, she was the music director of the First Universalist Church of Norway, Maine. In addition to her performance schedule, Heather is available to lead community singing workshops and group meditation with music. She lives in Conway, New Hampshire. You can reach her through her website: www.heatherpierson.com.

Bernice Martin is a singer-songwriter, licensed massage therapist, and an ordained community minister. She is founder of Voices In The Silence, a multi-faith contemplative worship series. As an experiential educator, Bernice has worked in a variety of settings with groups and individuals of all ages. She can be contacted through her website: www.bernicemartin.me.

HEART SONGS T-SHIRTs are now available at Heather’s online store: http://heatherpierson.com/store/heart_songs__circle_songs___t_shirt/

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